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Message from Natalie

Around 1.5 billion years ago, mitochondria were – according to the endosymbiotic theory – bacterial cells which found the ability to enter a larger host cell.

My journey began around 7 years ago, when I started to analyze the chemical biology and function of mitochondria in detail, and to investigate whether they might have preserved their ability to enter cells, and still maintain their energy-producing capacity.

In other words, could mitochondria be used for therapeutic purposes?

Minovia was established in 2012 to answer this question and, having met the parents and patients of those suffering from rare and devastating mitochondrial diseases, the passion roared inside me.

Full of endeavor, my scientific curiosity transformed into a voracious desire to do something to help these children, which is how the mitochondrial augmentation concept was conceived.

Now, today, we are on the edge of something remarkable.

We have a dedicated team of researchers working symbiotically with clinical and academic partners – combining our passion and ambition to firmly establish Mitochondrial Augmentation Therapy (MAT) as the answer for patients who suffer from mitochondrial diseases, in the hope that we can make a difference to their lives.

Minovia is determined to use MAT to discover meaningful therapies for rare pediatric diseases, like Pearson Syndrome, Leigh Syndrome, KSS and MELAS. What’s more, given that research shows we accumulate more mutations and deletions in the mitochondrial genome as we age, we believe that MAT has the potential to become a therapy that each and every one of us will need.

Mitochondria may be 1.5 billion years old but we’re only just beginning this exciting journey.

Welcome to Minovia.