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Mitochondrial Augmentation Therapy

Minovia mitochondrial cell therapy treatment is proprietary, first of its kind autologous process for the treatment of the most devasting mitochondrial genetic disorders.

Specifically, we are using Mitochondria Augmentation Therapy (MAT) – a proprietary method of isolating mitochondria from white blood cells or placentas (off the shelf frozen and ready to use products.)

MAT represents a journey of hope and a miracle of the human body. While the process is anything but straightforward on an emotional and scientific level, the process to obtain and replace cells is – from a patient point of view – fairly safe, simple and requires only a short period of time at the clinic:

  • Step One

    Blood Donation

    For patients suffering from Pearson Syndrome or KSS, the mother gives blood which is immediately brought to the clean room facility.

    For all other diseases, placental mitochondria are used which, thanks to the miracle of birth, has a remarkable ability to adapt and compensate as a young and highly metabolic organ.

  • Step Two

    Extracting the Mitochondria

    Under highly sterile conditions, we separate white blood cells from the blood and then extract the mitochondria from the white blood cells.

    Quality checks take place throughout to ensure mitochondria are intact and there is no contamination.

    The healthy mitochondria are then frozen using liquid nitrogen and stored, ready for Step Three.

  • Step Three

    Priming the Patient

    Five days before we collect stem cells from our patient, they receive Neupogen which boosts production of white blood cells in the bone marrow.

    One day before, our patient receives Mozobil which mobilizes the haematopoietic stems cells (CD34+) into the blood stream.

  • Step Four


    Millions of stem cells are extracted from our patient’s blood via Apheresis technology, enabling us to take whatever we need from the blood and return the rest to the body.

    We then select hematopoietic stem cells from the white blood cells collected and then, over 24 hours, introduce the healthy mitochondria to the stem cells.

  • Step Five

    Quality Assurance

    Once enriched, the cells are washed to remove any mitochondria that did not enter the cells and sterility is ensured. The cells are loaded to an infusion bag in a clear solution.

  • Step Six


    Our patient then receives an intravenous infusion. This step needs to happen quickly as the cells need to return to the bloodstream ASAP. The process is done without hospitalization, with the patient staying in the clinic for two hours under observation.

    The cells circulate around the body and then return home to the bone marrow where they proliferate, and to the organs that need them.

    As the cells do their job, our patient gradually feels more and more energy…