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Minovia Therapeutics is the first company to use cell therapy to treat mitochondrial diseases, through our Mitochondrial Augmentation Therapy (MAT) platform. The MAT repairs damaged mitochondrial DNA by using autologous stem cells enriched with blood-derived mitochondria, with the goal of extending and enhancing human lives.

Our initial clinical focus is on rare mitochondrial diseases for which there are no approved treatments, such as Pearson Syndrome, a fatal pediatric disease, as well as Kearns Sayre Syndrome and Leigh Syndrome.  Following a compassionate use program using MAT, Minovia is now conducting a clinical trial in Pearson Syndrome.

We are committed to exploring the full potential of our MAT to address a range of mitochondrial diseases ranging from orphan indications to Alzheimer, Parkinson, Age-related Macular Degeneration and ultimately age-related illnesses.