Harnessing the therapeutic power of mitochondria

Inspired by patients and driven by hope that our therapy will address the unmet need of serious and complex diseases associated with mitochondrial dysfunction

We are minovia

Our Mission

We are dedicated to rapidly advance life-changing therapies that address the unmet need of serious and complex mitochondrial diseases. We are the first company to develop a cell therapy approach to treat a broad range of indications generated by a mitochondrial dysfunction. Using our proprietary Mitochondrial Augmentation Technology (MAT), designed to be a robust therapeutic platform combining personalized mitochondrial cell therapy and scalable manufacturing processes, we are advancing breakthrough therapies for patients with mitochondrial dysfunction, caused by disease as well as during aging.

Welcome to Minovia by
Natalie Yivgi-Ohana, PhD
Co-founder & CEO

The technology behind Minovia was inspired by the endosymbiotic theory: around 1.5 billion years ago, mitochondria were bacterial cells that invaded a larger host cell and throughout evolution became an integral and essential energy-producing organelle for the cell.
After years of mitochondrial research my journey with Minovia began with a profound question: if we could harness the incredible power of mitochondria for therapeutic purposes, how many lives could be transformed?

Our Collective Responsibility

We believe that bringing transformative therapies to patients requires collaborative spirit and joint efforts from many parties: patients, families and advocacy groups, scientists and academic institutions, clinicians and medical centers, regulators, and industry.

That is why we embrace cross-disciplinary collaborations with the world’s leading scientists, clinicians, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies, in the journey to realize the full potential of Mitochondrial Augmentation Technology (MAT) to make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients around the world.

Our Collective Responsibility