Working at Minovia

The Importance of People at Minovia

At Minovia, people are our most valuable asset. They are the ones who develop our novel technology, and work together to support our primary mission: to bring hope to as many patients and families as we can, worldwide.

We are proud to have an inclusive workforce representing diverse communities, and to be a women-founded and led company with a majority of women, offering our diverse workforce opportunities for professional development.


Social Responsibility & Community

We are engaged in supporting communities in need and in contributing to society through social and environmental volunteering activities.

Promoting health

This is what we do on a daily basis. But it's not applied only in science. We encourage and promote awareness of a healthy lifestyle among our people by offering educational lectures, health-oriented activities, and healthy refreshments.

Collaborative Spirit

One of our core values is to embody a collaborative spirit. We encourage collaboration within the company through cross-functional projects, and with experts around the world, both in Academy and Industry. We embrace a humble perspective and understand that we must cooperate to address the scientific challenges.

A diverse and inclusive workplace

We believe that differences power creativity and innovation. To address the challenges of complex development of such a pioneering scientific field, it is mandatory for us to have individuals representing different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. We operate from a perspective of equal opportunity in terms of hiring, career development, and compensation.

Rare Disease Day

Every year on, the last day of February – 28th or 29th in a leap year – Rare Disease Day is marked worldwide.

All year, we work to develop treatments and provide hope for patients and their families. On this day, we pause and raise public awareness by walking together with patients’ families and partners in our journey.

This date was chosen as the rarest calendar date to emphasize the nature of these diseases. However, today there are about 300 million people worldwide who suffer from a rare disease, accompanied by their supportive families who are also affected by the disease.

Meet Members of Our Team

“To work at Minovia is to be part of an innovative and ambitious startup, whose employees are motivated by one goal: to give hope for a better future to patients and their families, through treatment that combines mitochondria and cells.” For me, this is an opportunity to integrate and develop in the biotechnological startup world."

Limor Bokin

Analytical Development Associate

לאה בן שושן

“From my very first day at Minovia, I knew that I was about to join an innovative company. What I did not know was that working at Minovia also meant being part of a caring and supportive family. It is being part of a team, where each one brings their experience, intelligence, creativity, and genuine interest in the patients’ well-being to contribute to facilitating their lives. It is being part of a scientific future, where creativity has no limit, and where obstacles are constantly overcome. Bringing hope and solutions to patients and their families makes you want to work harder for them.”

Lea Bensoussan

Clinical Trial Manager

Inspired by the mitochondrial energy

The vibe of dynamic energy environment is reflected in our day to day.