Science at Minovia is fundamental

Working collaboratively, we are harnessing cutting-edge methodologies to realize the full potential of our proprietary MAT platform

Driven by the Power of Mitochondria

Our Approach to Advancing Science into Meaningful Therapies

Breakthrough science

Breakthrough science

Advancements in the fields of mitochondrial and stem cell biology feed into our preclinical research and development pipeline

Translational R&D

Translational R&D

Science at Minovia is a fundamental force that involves an on-going feedback process between clinical development and preclinical research

Functional Analytics

Our analytical development team continually develops methods to qualify our products. Method development stems from joint efforts of the research and quality control teams, adapting state of the art tools to the highest GMP standards

Heterogeneous hub of expertise

Heterogeneous hub of expertise

We nourish individual scientific expertise as well as multi-disciplinary, synergistic teamwork. Collectively, we are harnessing cutting-edge methodologies to push our science forward

Multi-disciplinary collaboration

Multi-disciplinary collaboration

We believe in cross-discipline collaboration and welcome scientific minds from academia and industry, to join our journey in realizing the full potential of our proprietary Mitochondrial Augmentation Technology platform

The Promise of Mitochondrial Augmentation Technology

The heterogeneous clinical presentation and genetic background of primary mitochondrial diseases make development of new therapies very challenging.

The innovative modality of Mitochondrial Augmentation Technology holds a new promise to act as a therapeutic modality for a broad range of indications generated by a mitochondrial dysfunction.

Mitochondrial Augmentation Technology is designed to be a robust therapeutic platform, combining personalized mitochondrial cell therapy and scalable manufacturing processes.

The overarching aim of Minovia’s scientific team is to fully develop our platform into meaningful therapies that can be applied to a broad range of indications.

The Promise of Mitochondrial Augmentation Therapy

Our Research Team

Our team includes researchers from various fields of expertise including mitochondrial science, imaging, bioanalytics, flow cytometry, molecular biology, pharmacology, and bioinformatics.

Noa Sher

Noa Sher, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

“Our clinical science at Minovia goes hand in hand with our preclinical research – we learn from our patients and their experience, as they are the motivation behind everything we do. Only by working together in multidisciplinary teams with collaborative efforts can we expect to treat such complex conditions involving mitochondrial dysfunction”.

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